Counting my blessings ...

Posted on November 26, 2014

Counting my blessings ...

By Sherri Simmons, President and CEO

It’s Thanksgiving, time to count our blessings. And I have many. This year, however, at the top of my list is the uncanny bond between humans and animals. And I’m thankful that in the turmoil of today’s news, stories like this that bond us together instead of tearing us apart don’t get overlooked. 

I was blessed with the gift (and curse) of connecting with dogs and cats, sometimes better than with humans. The joke is that my mom would send me to the grocery store and I would somehow manage to bring home a stray. It took a little dumpster-diving, but I could pretty much find a dog or cat who would be quite happy in our backyard.

It truly touches my heart when I read about the stray dog who adopted a team of adventure racers in the Amazon; veterans being reunited with the strays they befriended overseas; Daisy, the little dachshund, who defended her family from a 200-pound bear; and  a family cat attacking a dangerous dog toprotect a little boy.

To know that this type of love abounds between humans and animals is reassuring and gives hope to humanity.

So, as we say grace over that poor turkey ... Boo-Cat, I am truly thankful for you, even though I am mostly just a piece of furniture for your lounging pleasure.  There are so many days that simply the sound of your purring soothes my soul.

And Bela, I am amazingly thankful for you as a protector – even though the squirrels don’t necessarily pose a direct threat of bodily harm.  It’s OK if you think they do.

BTW, I’m very thankful for my husband, Bo, who loves Bela as much as I do – and admits to tolerating “the cat.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


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