At one time, the role of public relations was to help you make news or keep you out of the news – depending upon the situation.

While this is still a large part of what we do, the way we do it has changed dramatically.

The role of public relations has greatly expanded to encompass a wide array of opportunities to connect with your audiences. This includes content marketing, social media, blogger relations and digital storytelling. 

When integrated with the foundation of traditional public relations, these elements work together to achieve even more powerful results.

To learn more about our areas of expertise and our approach to each, check out the links below.

Industry Expertise

Duffey offers public relations and government affairs services to a diverse industry listing. Whether healthcare, financial, manufacturing, technology, or non-profit – we meet any client challenge with equal fervor, leadership, determination, and passion. 


Duffey has earned more than 600 awards from public relations, government affairs, and other industry experts.


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