Each issue is unique and requires a very specific and targeted approach. For example, certain initiatives may need an “under-the-radar” approach that encompasses education, expert positioning, alliance building and direct lobbying. Others may require an elevated communications strategy encompassing widespread media relations, social media and grassroots mobilization.

Through experience and deep-seeded relationships, we are able to implement complex, multi-faceted government relations strategies that successfully influences legislative and regulatory policy.

Our approach is issue-specific, integrating the right mix of direct lobbying; expert positioning; media relations; digital media;
grassroots mobilization; strategic alliances and relationship facilitation.

Strategic Planning: To win, you must have a well-planned and solidly structured approach. We ensure our clients enter a debate or seek to influence with a results-orient plan that brings together messaging, tactics and the right communication strategies – whether it’s full-on grassroots mobilization or an under-the-radar educational approach.

Audience Profiles: You must also know your audiences and what motivates them to stimulate action – whether it’s a legislative body, key influencers and/or supporters. You also must know those who may oppose you and the tactics they will take. We evaluate each audience and the most influential approach to help ensure success and prevent missteps.

Reputation Management: We help our clients proactively control or build their images – providing a safeguard against potentially damaging rumors and misinformation.

Issue and Crisis Management: We anticipate the unexpected and plan accordingly to help pre-empt a detrimental issue or full-blown crisis – in addition to providing counsel for clients needing direction after a situation has evolved.

Government Relations and Advocacy: Activating Duffey’s strong network of elected officials, policy makers, regulatory bodies, community leaders, and industry associations ignites policy agendas that benefit our clients.

Media Relations: Our relationships with print, broadcast, and online media drive influential, accurate coverage about your issue.

Social Media: Duffey disseminates strategic messaging via social media platforms to quickly influence a broad audience.

Issues Monitoring: We consistently monitor media, online, legislative and regulatory action to drive proactive response.

Qualitative Research: Duffey gauges the opinions of influential audiences through integrated research methods, including focus groups, surveys, and in-depth interviews

Grassroots Mobilization: We activate alliances, individuals, partners, and affiliates to influence public policy decisions.

Relationship Development: We further your cause with an expanded network of supporters, advocates, public officials, and others.

Measurement: Duffey Communications delivers results-based measurement and program evaluation.

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Successful public relations and government affairs initiatives utilize a multi-faceted mix of new and proven communication strategies.

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Duffey has earned more than 600 awards from public relations, government affairs, and other industry experts.


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