Corporate Communications covers a wide spectrum of specialization. In many cases, we serve as the outsourced communications department for our clients – or take on special projects that enable an internal team to move an initiative forward without sacrificing their core role within an organization.

For Duffey, this area of expertise encompasses:

  • Internal and organizational communications
  • Management communications
  • Customer relations
  • Issue management
  • Speakers bureau
  • Speech writing
  • Presentation development
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Special public relations, public affairs and community relations projects
  • Reputation monitoring through traditional media, social media and other online communications channels
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Branding initiatives
  • New product launch
  • Sales support through collateral development, branded proposals and branded sales presentations
  • Video production

Our Services

Successful public relations and government affairs initiatives utilize a multi-faceted mix of new and proven communication strategies.

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Duffey has earned more than 600 awards from public relations, government affairs, and other industry experts.


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