Helping a client make a difference is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. From environmental causes such as water conservation to stopping the prostitution of young girls – or helping a client with a WW II veteran fly-in to our nation’s capital and providing disaster relief to victims of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, we are truly dedicated to the cause.

Building community and philanthropic ties makes people proud to work for you and proud to do business with you. And by promoting your involvement, you are not only making a cause stronger – you are helping to educate the public about an important cause.

We have helped our clients develop, initiate and strengthen community and philanthropic ties by developing relationships – as well as expanding awareness through social media, traditional media, internal communications, government relations, videography, awards ceremonies, fundraising and educational initiatives.

Client initiatives include:

  • Economic redevelopment programs
  • Historic preservation
  • Social change
  • Environmental conservation
  • Disaster response and relief
  • Childhood education
  • Canine assistants
  • Health- and disease-related campaigns
  • International aid
  • Military recognition programs
  • Public safety education

Our Services

Successful public relations and government affairs initiatives utilize a multi-faceted mix of new and proven communication strategies.

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Duffey has earned more than 600 awards from public relations, government affairs, and other industry experts.


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