The “Duck” Disaster

Posted on December 19, 2013

The “Duck” Disaster

By Paul Fulton, Jr., Vice President

I could write a long blog about “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s disastrous GQ interview, but client deadlines are driving my time today. So here are the Cliff’s Notes: It’s generally a business risk when a public figure pushes a hot-topic button on a national platform, particularly if those comments could alienate a potential customer base. 

Celebrities like Phil are more than reality-TV personalities – they’re money-making machines. And the big money typically comes from endorsements, licensing deals, appearances and the like. These things are controlled by a Corporate America that shies away from controversy – there’s too much money on the line. 

This isn’t new, by the way. Remember John Rocker’s 1999 debacle with Sports Illustrated? Or … wait … does anyone even really remember John Rocker anymore? (And social media wasn’t even around then!) 

The take-away: Media strategies, message control and in-depth interview training are crucial – particularly now that social media drives conversations and quickly influences people. These PR strategies don’t just protect an individual’s reputation with the public. They can also protect that individual’s behind-the-scenes business interests.


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