The Importance of Growing Your Company’s Voice through Social Media Marketing

Posted on May 23, 2013

The Importance of Growing Your Company’s Voice through Social Media Marketing


Most companies are looking at social media marketing through the wrong lens. Why? Because they focus on an immediate return that does not necessarily reflect the interests of their audience. The hype surrounding social media can create the wrong idea. For instance, some companies post a product link on Facebook and then expect their followers to click that link and purchase a product. Not only is this marketing strategy incorrect, but it can also be very discouraging and inefficient for the company.

Instead of looping social media marketing into a sales plan, companies should focus on creating a brand voice that positions them as thought leaders and grows their online presence through the creation of valuable, engaging content on multiple platforms from Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn and YouTube.

Sometimes people care more about what you do, who you are, your experience, and what you can do FOR them versus just the end product or service. Your online following increases when you develop a platform that supports communication and showcases your expertise. The right positioning on social media can lead to bigger and better things, such as being invited to speak on a popular podcast because of the blog post you wrote on a complementary topic.

Developing a strong online voice opens the door for exclusive opportunities that your company may not be able to achieve through other marketing avenues. These opportunities include:

  • Keynote speaker invitations;
  • Guest blogging spots;
  • Alternative revenue increases;
  • Insightful, low-cost market research;
  • Spikes in website traffic;
  • Increased search engine ranking;
  • Print media coverage;
  • And more.

How One Man Created a Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise through Social Media Marketing

Who: Gary Vaynerchuk - Wine Library TV

How: Engaging Twitter, Online Videos, and Facebook content


  • Grew family business from $4 million to $50 million  
  • Drastically increased social media following (900k+ followers on Twitter, millions of video views, 134k+ likes on Facebook, and more)
  • Garnered $1,000,000 deal with HarperStudio publishing
  • Developed a fan base that now avidly buys his best-selling books on social media and business growth
  • Receives exclusive guest speaking spots at conferences, in news media, etc.

What We Can Learn: Gary’s over-the-top, eccentric and offbeat personality captured the attention of millions. He grew his core business, and created a spin-off career showing others how to crush their competition using social media marketing.

Although his company invested thousands of dollars in billboards and other platforms, Gary’s $0 investment in a Twitter profile created 1,800 new customers just because of his brand voice.1

Many Companies are Seeing Results from Strategic Online Brand Messaging

Gary Vaynerchuk is not alone in achieving outstanding results through creating an online voice through social media marketing:

  • BlendTec increased sales 500% by creating humorous “Will it Blend” videos on YouTube. Although they have a high-end product, they were able to increase awareness and viewership through relatable videos that now have millions of views. (Watch them blend an iPhone)
  • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center witnessed a 9.5 percent increase in registrations by using social media.
  • Secret deodorant’s Facebook messaging created a great impression among young women – increasing online participation and sales, according to a 2010 Forrester study.
  • Old Spice increased sales 107% in the three months following their “Mustafa” campaign. (Just one of the campaign videos has over 45 million views)

These success stories are not necessarily product or service-specific. The content these brands created grew their social media following, which then resulted in sales, increased exposure, and other benefits they would have not otherwise achieved.

Success Can Be Yours in Eight Easy Steps

With time, dedication, and Duffey’s guide below – your company can increase its presence on social media networks.

How to Grow Your Business Online

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