When it Comes to Social Media – Jesus, Santa Claus and Recruiters Are All Watching You

Posted on October 11, 2012

When it Comes to Social Media – Jesus, Santa Claus and Recruiters Are All Watching You


I remember when growing up in Alabama (and still to this day at 33 years old), my mom would remind me when I was going out, or to a party, or to anywhere she wasn’t going along that, “Jesus is watching you – just remember that!” I hear my friends who are parents to young children use a more juvenile reiteration of such a scare tactic with the “Santa Claus” line – “If you don’t behave, Santa will see you … and you won’t get what you want for Christmas!”

The thought of Jesus and Santa consistently watching my every move – and the moves of everyone else – at all times is pretty daunting. Even more so is the realization that, as a professional, there is yet another watchful eye – and one that can directly affect your career. This very real entity: recruiters.

Thanks to social media, our thoughts, actions, weekend relaxation, weddings, baby births, vacations, etc. are able to be viewed by any and everyone (this includes Jesus and Santa, mind you.) And if you’re searching for your first or a new job, you have to understand that how you are represented DOES matter.

A new Jobvite Survey found the following five types of content give recruiters major pause when considering someone for an available position:

  • References to doing illegal drugs—78 percent of recruiters reacted negatively
  • Posts/tweets of a sexual nature—66 percent reacted negatively
  • Profanity in posts/tweets—61 percent of recruiters reacted negatively
  • Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets—54 percent reacted negatively
  • Pictures of consumption of alcohol—47 percent reacted negatively

The short and sweet for recent graduates pursuing a job in any field – not just PR – or seasoned professionals searching for a new opportunity is this: that just because you are able to put any and every part of your personal life on the Internet does not mean that you should. It might be entertaining, and it might be an adequate reflection of the free spirit you are, but putting too much out there can influence whether a recruiter gives you proper consideration – or sends you to the condemned “TMI” pile.

I hate to sound like momma, but ask yourself – before you post, tag or comment on social media; “What would Jesus, Santa or a recruiter think of this?” It just might make the difference in your professional future. 


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