5 Reasons We Love Public Relations

Posted on February 14, 2017

5 Reasons We Love Public Relations

By Allen Haynes, Director, Public Relations

Valentine’s Day is finally here. The word ‘finally’ can be taken in two ways. You’re either excited it’s here or you’re happy that the stress of it all is almost over. Regardless if you’re single or have a significant other, public relations always has a place in a PR professional’s heart.

You’ll hear a lot of PR professionals say how much they love their jobs – and it’s hard not to with the upbeat pace and opportunity the public relations industry holds. Below are five reasons we love public relations:

1. There’s a never-ending range of opportunity. As a PR professional, there’s a never-ending supply of new ideas, new projects to be tackled, new problems to be solved and new technologies to help get our job done. The key is to always be looking for those opportunities to refine your skills or help accomplish your clients’ goals.

2. No work day is the same. You may have a prioritized to-do list when you walk in the door for the day, but things can change the moment you sit down at your desk. The unknown is what makes the PR world so exciting – and we thrive off the adrenaline it creates.

3. Utilizing creativity. Have an idea for an account you can’t shake? Great! Sharing and bouncing around ideas increases critical thinking and creativity. We don’t have to color inside the lines. In fact, be bold and draw a whole new picture.

4. Opportunity to interact with people from all different industries. One of the many benefits of working in a PR agency setting is the chance to learn about companies and causes you would have never known about prior. Learning how to meet objectives in different cultures is an exciting and challenging part of our daily roles. And one we absolutely love.

5. Customize your career based off your strengths and interests. From social media and business marketing to media relations and event publicity, public relations encompasses a cornucopia of segmentation. There’s a great feeling that comes with finding our stride when our passions meet our skillset.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Go treat your loved one (or yourself) to something special. 


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